The Tutor Centre

It is a fact that students who excel in their studies do so with support outside school because school class sizes of 30 students are too large to deliver the quality teaching required to help each student achieve their full potential. The Tutor Centre was established to provide quality tuition to students, making it affordable and accessible, complementing school through much smaller class sizes..

A smaller pupil to teacher ratio allows each student to receive valuable 1-to-1 teacher attention to help them in the specific areas needed while building confidence in asking questions, something with which they may have struggled in the larger class size. This small group approach also motivates students to work well within their group, generating enthusiasm to become high achievers.

With grade requirements constantly rising for the most competitive sixth form colleges and apprenticeships, providing your child with a head start and extra support in Maths, English and Science subjects to ensure they achieve higher grades at GCSE is essential to make them stand out from the rest. With centres in Derby and Burton, The Tutor Centre can help your child in getting these grades.