Are Students Achieving their Full Potential at School?

School class sizes of 30+ means that the teacher’s attention is too thinly spread out to be able to be able to focus on each student sufficiently. This makes it difficult to identify each student’s individual needs and target the areas necessary to ensure they achieve their full potential.

As a result, students are neglected across the full range of abilities with higher performing students not being fully stretched to truly excel by being set standard work while lower performing students are neglected as their predetermined low target grades are used to keep them there.

At The Tutor Centre, we keep class sizes very small at an average of 6 students which allows our teachers to provide the focus necessary for each student to ensure they exceed the target grades set by their schools through a personalised learning plan. Unlike schools, we do not cap the students’ ability at their target grades set by schools, which for the majority of students, are not a true reflection of the students’ ability but a reflection of the neglect that they suffer due to the state of the education system.

Last year’s GCSE results showed that in a short period of time, the majority of our students who were tutored at The Tutor Centre were able to exceed their target grades. Our philosophy is that the only limit to a student’s potential achievement is the one placed on them by teachers and schools who convince them and their parents that they cannot achieve higher grades.

So if you want your child to exceed the expectations set by the school and achieve his/her full potential, contact us now to discuss how The Tutor Centre can help.