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Preparing your Child for a Better Future

Education is the key to giving your child the best chance in life. The Tutor Centre is committed to preparing your child for a brighter future through expert tuition to achieve the highest grades at KS2 SATS, KS3 and GCSE to secure offers for sixth form colleges and apprenticeships.

Why the Tutor Centre?

Individual Support

Tailored individual support for each student through initial diagnostics test, assessing school report and information from both the parents and students.

Higher Grades

Tuition designed to stretch students of all abilities to achieve the highest grades possible.

Fully Qualified Teachers

Fully Qualified & DBS cleared teachers with current school experience & preparing students for the New 9-1 GCSE, KS3 and SATS exams.

Excelling Students

It is a fact that students who excel in their studies do so with support from outside school because school class sizes of 30 students are too large to deliver the quality teaching required to help each student achieve their full potential. The Tutor Centre was established to provide quality tuition to students, making it affordable and accessible, with much smaller groups averaging only 4-5 students.




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Guide to KS2 SATs Tests

admin February 12, 2020

The scores achieved by children in their KS2 SATs tests at the end of Year 6 will determine the sets they will be placed in Year 7 and their target GCSE grades in Year 11. Therefore, it is essential that students are prepared to achieve the highest grades to set them up for success at secondary school.

Revising in Ramadan

admin May 5, 2019

As Ramadan begins with only a week or two to GCSE and A-Level exams, Muslim students will be revising while fasting with no food or water intake for around 18-19 hours. Here are the most useful tips that could help you to maximise your revision while fasting

Stop Mobile Phones from Sabotaging Your Child’s Revision

admin April 4, 2019

With GCSE and A-Level exams just around the corner, many students will be starting revision to achieve their target grades. However, mobile phones have become the main source of revision sabotage which will lead to many students failing to achieve them. Below are some tips that can help you in saving your child from this sabotage

Revising During the Christmas Holidays

admin December 23, 2018

With end of term underway with two weeks of no school, many students may see the holidays as a holiday from studying and therefore miss-out on the chance to boost their GCSE and A-Level grades. Here are a few handy tips parents can encourage the students with to make the most of the school holidays

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