How will GCSE Grades be Awarded in Summer 2021?

How will GCSE Grades be Awarded in Summer 2021?

As the usual GCSE exams will not take place again this summer due to the pandemic, the government and Ofqual have announced GCSE grades will be awarded by teacher assessment. In its consultation, the government has proposed that:

> Schools should set exam based assessments in May and June during which the usual exams would have taken place.


> Exam boards could issue mini exams for each subject which would be sat in schools and marked by teachers.


> These mini exams, as well as tests set by the schools, are to form the evidence used by teachers to submit their awarded GCSE grades to exam boards in June.


> The exam boards are to audit samples of the exam papers and assessments sat by students to ensure guidelines have been followed and the overall grades are in line with the schools’ previous performance.


> The exam boards issue the grades in July and students can appeal their grades.


While the exact details are still being worked out on the details of the mini exams and the guidance that teachers will have to follow in awarding the grades, what is clear is that year 11 students must not become complacent since they will still be assessed. These assessments will form the evidence by which teachers will be able to award the grades.

Therefore, students must use the remaining period between March and June effectively in studying and being as best prepared as possible to be awarded the highest GCSE grade. At the Tutor Centre, our GCSE teachers (who will also be trained to undertake this process in the schools in which they teach) will be helping our year 11 students to prepare for these tests and assessments. Contact us to find out how we can help you too.